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The Cluffy Wedge for Foot Orthotics

The feet are an important structure for all of us to move about on. It must work properly for us…

By Craig Payne , in Foot , at April 2, 2019 Tags: ,

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The feet are an important structure for all of us to move about on. It must work properly for us to stand, walk and run. Any sort of pain or disorder with the foot is likely to impact the capacity of the feet to aid us and to move about on. These sorts of issues may have consequences that may substantially affect the total well being, particularly mobility. A lack of mobility comes with consequences for health and well-being. Podiatric doctors have a crucial role in order to keep the feet healthy so we don’t endure the implications of pain in the feet. The foot has got 26 bones with multiple joints as well as ligaments and muscles which manages the motions in the bones and also joints. All of these have to function collectively to permit us to get around pain free. There are plenty of biomechanical dysfunctions which could fail and interfere with that normal biomechanics.

For example, lets consider the big toe joint of your foot: after the foot contacting the floor when walking or running and the leg progresses above the foot on the ground, then the heel begins to come up off the floor as we push ahead. The only way this to occur properly is that if that big toe or hallux joint of the foot will bend. This implies that this joint is flexible and also mobile to allow the normal motion to occur. There are a variety of things that might fail with that big toe joint that may affect that ordinary function. Probably the most common problem is that of osteoarthritis which in turn impacts the joint. It can be too painful to move, therefore the process of walking may be painful. This will change the way that the foot and the body proceed. A big toe joint that becomes more stiff is in addition likely to hinder the standard biomechanics of the foot making it a lot more challenging to get the rearfoot off the floor when walking or running. This will be a very ineffective as well as energy sapping method to walk. Another problem often known as functional hallux limitus in addition can affect the big toe or hallux joint function. With this problem you will find there’s normal range of motion of the big toe joint when the foot is off the ground, however, if weightbearing as well as walking for some unidentified factors, the hallux joint doesn’t want to move. When most of these constraints at the joint occur, other joints really need to bend far more, which changes the way you move. This may lead to signs and symptoms somewhere else in your body as an overload.

Most of these types of biomechanical problems are commonly taken care of with the prescribing of foot supports to try to bring back and allow for a more normal function with the feet. There are lots of kinds of foot inserts and a lot of different modifications which Podiatric doctors frequently work with to handle the particular issue of their patients. A specialized alteration that may be often helpful to take care of the problem of a functional hallux limitus could be the Cluffy Wedge. This Cluffy wedge can be described as pad which is placed under the great toe or hallux permitting an even more normal motion at this big toe joint. The Cluffy Wedge is widely used by podiatrists and added on toa foot orthotic by the labs that manufacture them.

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