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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Flat Foot in Children

Flat foot in youngsters are a controversial topic amongst health professionals. The debate focuses around if it has to be…

By Craig Payne , in Foot , at May 10, 2021 Tags: , ,

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Flat foot in youngsters are a controversial topic amongst health professionals. The debate focuses around if it has to be dealt with or left alone as many of them grow out of flat feet. Flat feet or a flat mid-foot (arch) is an extremely frequent finding in youngsters and young children. The majority of them do outgrow flat foot and never get any kind of concerns. A few will not outgrow flat foot and subsequently develop problems. The debate is around should they all be taken care of to make certain they do grow out of it and if this kind of over treatment is warranted. Parents are clearly concerned about the look of the feet and do not want issues to occur with their child later on.

Exactly what is evident is that it needs to be taken care of should it be painful or causing symptoms. Such symptoms might not be only pain but might be things like increased regularity of tripping. Kids who are at a greater risk of getting complications quite possibly be also taken care of. These would most likely include those who have a particularly extreme flat foot and the ones whose both father and mother have flat feet and also have symptoms.

Just what is much less evident could be the treatment, if any, that’s needed for all those children with flat feet that don’t fulfill those criteria. Should they be treated according to the very low likelihood that they may not grow out of the flat feet and become an issue. Various health care professionals will make different justifications which they should and that they shouldn’t. Some of these justifications coming from each side of this discourse are often made passionately and with a great deal of conviction. Unfortunately, the present state of the research to help with this is simply not so good and much more research is needed to direct the clinical process.

For childen which do need to be treated there are a variety of options. For many it could just need to be some straightforward padding added in to the shoes which is simple and inexpensive. For others a mass produced kind of foot orthoses can be used. In the event the issues are more complicated then a customized foot orthotic might occasionally be recommended. Most of these interventions should be every so often replaced because the youngster will grow. Together with these kinds of treatments it is usually a good idea that exercises be used to improve the muscles which support the mid-foot (arch) of the feet which help with balance and normal development.

An installment of the Podiatry related live stream and podcast, PodChatLive did an episode on the debate with the shows hosts speaking with the foot specialist, Helen Banwell. They talked about the difficulties of painful compared to asymptomatic flat feet in youngsters and discussed the topic of when it needs to be treated compared to when flat foot doesn’t need to be dealt with. The episode even reviewed the potential importance of questioning regarding family history and approaches to manage worried and anxious fathers and mothers. Not surprisingly, much more studies are required about flat feet in youngsters to determine just which ones ought to be treated and what the best therapy for flat feet in kids would be.

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